About us

Collaborative Platform for Finance

At BankerLinks, we are innovators of a first-ever platform which allows secure collaboration between different actors within the financial sector.

BankerLinks is unique in the sense that it dramatically cuts down operational risk and processing times by speeding up specific middle and back office tasks by linking transactional data to counterparts and market data information. This information is centralised and accessible instantly over the most secure channels.

How We Began

The idea for BankerLinks surfaced a few years ago when we came to the conclusion that there’s no platform in existence which allows financial institutions to quickly, efficiently and securely collaborate on important projects or transactions and solve operational problems.

The key reason for operational issues is most of the time the access to poor or outdated information which maintenance requires time and important resources, especially in the field of pre and post trade management. Our mission at BankerLinks is to provide the right information and tools to close this operational gap and improve processes efficiency within operational teams.

On top of that, we wanted to provide finance professionals with a central place where general knowledge can be shared and the best trainings, conferences and events around finance can be found.

Together with our clients and partners we work hard to analyse the risky and time consuming non STP processes in order to develop and offer robust solutions which address middle and back office needs in a speedy, cost-effective and secure manner with the objective of reducing at the end the operational risk and provide an enhanced and less stressful working experience to our users.

Our founders have over two decades of experience in financial operations as well as IT systems engineering. They have directly applied their expertise and technical knowhow to come up with a web application that would provide teams within financial companies with state of the art technology allowing a better communication and collaboration with their peers.

Our Vision

Create business opportunities and reduce operational risk through unrestricted knowledge sharing and instant information access.

Our Mission

To create a worldwide finance professionals network where mission critical information is instantly accessible, and provide state of the art middle and back office operations infrastructure for all financial departments.

BankerLinks – The Smartest Way to Manage Financial Operations. Our first-ever online platform has been designed and crafted for quick, safe and efficient operational problem solving. Connect with the right counterparts, functions or finance departments – when you need to.

Give your operational efficiency a massive boost with BankerLinks today. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our unique financial collaboration tool can help you speed up financial operations management, while significantly bringing maintenance and processing costs down.

We put a strong focus on the needs of your business to figure out solutions that best fits your demand and nail it.

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