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At BankerLinks, we are innovators of a first-ever platform which allows secure collaboration between different actors within the financial sector. We provide technology to help teams increase their operative efficiency and reduce operational risk and data management costs.‬

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Counterparts information

Need to lookup the right contact and market information for the transaction you are working on? That’s the right place to start with!

Collaboration platform

Work on a specific topic and need help from a peer or working group? Need to work on confidential documents with your counterparts? Our platform helps you achieve that.

Events, trainings and conferences

Looking to learn and grow? Or just interested on specific events? We can help you find all the trainings, conferences and events that are right for you!

Broadcasts and news

Need to send out a broadcast to your most important counterparts, share important information about your new business terms? Don’t want to miss on important counterparts updates and market updates? We make sure that works!

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Operational collaboration

Collaborate with Financial Experts around the World

At BankerLinks, we offer a first-ever innovative platform that helps financial professionals connect with others in the same industry around the world.

Exchange Financial Expertise

Maintaining your counterparts’ information databases such as Contacts, Settlement Instructions and other critical market information can be a major burden for any financial professional or institution, if done in-house.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that developing a collaboration framework which enables, empowers and encourages financial professionals to distribute knowledge, is important in reinforcing collaboration and innovation within a financial professional’s or institution’s network.

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