BankerLinks is the first-ever collaborative platform built solely for financial experts by financial experts

A state of the art platform that seamlessly integrates with highly intuitive user interface to offer a powerful backend intelligence and information engine – arming financial experts with all the latest knowhow, developments and trends in the financial services sector.

Cutting-edge authentication process and encryption technology ensure that all information is exchanged through the most confidential and secure channels – a prerequisite for success and business continuity in the financial world.

What sets BankerLinks apart?

Transparent, Robust and Secure Platform to Work with Counterparts

Our one-of-a-kind platform offers you secure channels of communication to connect with your desired financial counterparts within seconds, without having to search the outdated in-house database that’s being maintained within your organisation.

Our online tool allows teams in financial departments to connect with the right individual or group on first contact – based on one or more keywords, it will connect you straight away with the right department within any financial institution network, and only those who are available to share information on the spot, resolve a specific query or issue for you.

Insightful Working Groups

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming event in your industry, working on a career-bolstering transaction for a client, trying to solve a problem within your organisation or just about any other topic, our live platform can help you get connected with all relevant parties and form a working group – where information can be shared and agreements can be made – in a clear and secured way.

Always Stay in the Loop

Get regular updates and notifications on all information updates within your financial services peer network. If you have any useful information to share with your peers, use our platform to do just that without having to worry about valuable information leaking. Broadcast information to your chosen counterparts through our highly intuitive, secure and intelligent BankerLinks online platform.

Industry News as it Develops

Be the first one to catch up on or publish the latest financial business news and industry happenings – share it with chosen connected counterparts or all the BankerLinks participants in only a few seconds. You’ll never miss out on a single piece of financial services and inside industry news as it develops.

Document and Resource Sharing

Large financial documents can sometimes be difficult to share in a fast, secure and environment-friendly manner. With BankerLinks you can share your important documents with your designated counterparts through our private communication channel which incorporates cutting-edge authentication and encryption technology to ensure a perfect confidentiality.

Regular Trainings and Conferences

As the financial world continues to progress at a rapid pace, staying in the know is a necessity. The BankerLinks platform will provide you with all the necessary information on upcoming trainings, conferences or other important events within the financial services sector, worldwide. Simply go through our straightforward online scheduling and registration process and never miss out on another ground-breaking conference or training opportunity again.

Using BankerLinks is quick, easy, fun and intuitive in every way imaginable. Simply create your account at and try out the platform for free.

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